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A New Thought Is Born, Another Will Arise - Brume & Oublier Et Mourir - A Year To Live (Vinyl, L

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7 thoughts on “ A New Thought Is Born, Another Will Arise - Brume & Oublier Et Mourir - A Year To Live (Vinyl, L

  1. Ouroboros Dweller (The Dweller of Barathrum) Ouroboros Dweller (The Dweller of Barathrum).
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  5. You may never think about me 'cause you'd find somebody new And he would say all those things that I wanted to And my heart would be broken, but I can't give up yet I won't live with what might have been 'cause I never said.. Could you love me and only see the possibility that we could be forever?
  6. There's black wind to be had, for sure, 'A New Thought Is Born, Another Will Arise' and the eponymous track (Oublier Et Mourir means 'to forget and to die') conjure vast digital caverns, that make it seem as if yr floating in eternity, back to the crystaline womb from whence we originated.
  7. May 27,  · Neatly packaged limited edition white vinyl release capturing a five-part piece by Christian Renou’s long-serving Brume platform, three tracks by Oublier Et Mourir, who is usually to be found at home in Anemone Tube, and, on the same side as the latter, a collaborative work between the two.

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