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Tattooed Tear - Muddy Brothers* - Seasick

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  1. Aug 04,  · The sinister code behind prison tattoos including what a teardrop can REALLY mean. Having a cross tattooed on your chest signified that you are high up in a gang Credit: AFP - Getty.
  2. among southern Californian gangs A tattoo placed under the eye that is used to signify the lost of a loved one or good friend. an empty tear signifies that the loved one had been killed in murder. a filled tattoo signifies that the loved one had killed themselves or was killed in another cause (car crash, death penalty etc.). Tattoo's with a half empty top and a half full bottom means that the.
  3. May 21,  · Tattooed Tears Lyrics: You should know that you don't kick if you don't have to / All’s fair in love and war, I know, don't get me wrong / But if you listen to your heart, it may mislead you.
  4. Tattoo Tears Lyrics: Live back at 'cha Westside baaaaby / Aight fuck it, we gone flip some new shit now / You heard "All Eyez on Me," niggas know what time it is / (Makaveli the Don) 'Pac do it like.
  5. Jan 09,  · Directed by Nick Broomfield, Joan Churchill. With Brian, Marcus, Pedro, Ronnie. An intimate, hands on encounter with a maximum security juvenile correctional facility in Chino California.7/10().
  6. The teardrop tattoo or tear tattoo is a symbolic tattoo of a tear that is placed underneath the buniussiraginnironbringer.infoinfo teardrop is one of the most widely recognised prison tattoos and has various meanings.. It can signify that the wearer has spent time in prison, or more specifically that the wearer was raped while incarcerated and tattooed by the rapist as a "property" mark and for humiliation, since facial.

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