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  1. Dec 02,  · I have had bando belts on my corolla almost miles. no issues. I really like them and O.E.M. Mitsuboshi as replacements. I have also had good luck with gates serpentine, goodyear gatorbacks as well as motorcraft. Cleaning grooves, Aligning pulleys, replacing Idlers,replacing pumps,or other weak components make belts last. Period.
  2. The American Bando Association incorporates nine animal styles including the bull, boar, cobra, viper, python, panther, tiger, scorpion and eagle. Students first learn the basics of bando before advancing to the animal techniques. The basis for the ABA's bando system is a Country of origin: Myanmar.
  3. BANDO Synchro-Link High Torque Belt M BANDO Synchro-Link High Torque Belt M Description:• The rounded tooth profile meshes precisely with matching pulley grooves so there is no belt creep or slip to cause speed variation.• HT belt drives are % efficient, leading to significant energy savings on high horsepower applicatio.
  4. The Colormat Bando fibre cement façade panel is product with a 3-D effect. The 2 mm deep grooves give the façade panels a new dimension. These façade panels give a dynamic feeling to your façade. Colormat Bando is available in the Colormat Classic and Colormat Scripto finish. This offers great potential when it comes to cladding.
  5. Jul 12,  · The OEM Bando also is different on the inside grooves, the OEM belt has like rubber grooves whereas the the Amazon supplied has a felt like texture that seems to work well and keeps the noise down. *** BOTH of these differences ive mentioned maybe just the difference between a worn belt vs new.**** Check out the pictures ive included/5().

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