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The Eggman Variations (2005) - Dmitri Tymoczko - Crackpot Hymnal

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10 thoughts on “ The Eggman Variations (2005) - Dmitri Tymoczko - Crackpot Hymnal

  1. Program notes. i cannot follow is inspired by an ancient metaphor linking the technique of musical canon (in which instruments take turns stating the same melody) with the human act of buniussiraginnironbringer.infoinfo specifically, the piece was inspired by a moment in "Ahi dispietata morte!,"a 16th-century madrigal by the great Italian composer Luca buniussiraginnironbringer.infoinfo the words "I cannot follow" are addressed to.
  2. Oct 29,  · Dmitri Tymoczko Crackpot Hymnal Bridge Records CD In recent decades, there’s been a move in some American academic circles to put more separation between the disciplines of music composition and music theory. It seems especially curious to those of us who have, to greater or lesser degrees, modeled our careers and aesthetics on our forebears,.
  3. Crackpot Hymnal (Bridge Records, ) These days, we can carry the whole history of music in our pockets, with Beethoven, Nancarrow, Coltrane and the Beatles rubbing shoulders on our phones.
  4. The Eggman Variations is in three movements. The first, Pentatonia, is infused with the sounds of Asian music. After a slow and relatively gentle opening, it gradually builds in .
  5. Program notes. Jeff Dolven’s poems propose statistics as the modern analogue of prophecy. The contemporary Sibyl teaches that one in five Baltimore children will develop asthma, that one in sixteen hundred Chicago children is homeless—giving us the kind of .

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