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Dont Stop Rappin - Too $hort* - Cant Stay Away

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7 thoughts on “ Dont Stop Rappin - Too $hort* - Cant Stay Away

  1. May 09,  · Sorry to say that the songs are terrible (Nation Riders are garbage). These tracks weigh the album down, and it's a mystery why Too Short and Jive decided to think it was a good idea to put them on here. Overall, Can't Stay Away was Short's first solo post "retirement" album.4/5(33).
  2. What makes Can’t Stay Away extraordinary is that Short excels in every setting. The smoked-out funk of “Don’t Stop Rappin’,” the rock solid boom-bap of “Invasion of the Flat Booty B*****s,” the G-funk of “You Might Get G’eed”— Short fits on everything, or rather, he makes everything fit him.
  3. There is something fishy about this album. Its sounds like something Too Short threw together just to keep his name relevant. The Good: Cant Stay Away is a good opener and is vintage Too Short. Dont Stop Rappin with EightBall & MJG is the best song on the album and is better than that original version on the bonus Suave House disc on Eightball 4/5.

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